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Brian Taylor is an ordinary bloke. In some respects he started life a little behind the eight ball, suffering from a poor self-image and an inability to relate to other people. He has no formal training in psychology or marriage counselling. What he does have is a strong relationship with God. He has developed this over many years by praying and reading, studying and memorising the Bible and over the years this has resulted in personal growth and the ability to form and maintain stronger personal relationships.


Brian has spent many years helping people grow and develop their relationship with God. He and his wife Alison have a solid and happy marriage and their three adult children all have excellent communication and relationship skills.


When he mentioned to a friend that he was writing this book his friend asked, “What right have you to do that?’ meaning what training or experience did he have. Then after a very short pause the friend added ‘Of course, it’s because you have such a good marriage.’


Naturally Brian wanted his children to experience a good and ever deepening relationship with their husband or wife so when his daughter and her fiancé announced their engagement he wrote some ideas which have helped and guided him over the years, added some personal observations and advice for personal growth and better relationships and presented it as a gift to the couple at their wedding. Brian has taken the past two years to turn this resource into a book The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of – Practical steps to extraordinary, lasting love – An A to Z of relationships from a Christian perspective

It is the ressult of 50 years of personal growth and assisting others to grow themselves and improve their own relationships.


Brian warmly invites others to share this invaluable resource.

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