How much is one person worth?

Who can benefit from this book?

Our sense of self-worth is foundational to much in life including: 
– A good sense of well-being. A feeling of wholeness; inner satisfaction & peace with oneself. Oh how important this is.
– Success in any field of endeavour. Setting goals and going for them is easier when we feel good about ourselves. People who have a sense of poor value may find it difficult to set goals and go for them as failure may result in further depression.
– Good relationships. When we value ourselves and others highly we are more likely to develop positive relationships. Any relationship has some down moments. A person with low self-esteem can absorb criticism and dwell upon it. Remembering negative comments (intended or accidental) can fester and destroy relationships. The flip side is that people with a healthy self-image can forgive readily and enhance relationships as a result.

Who can benefit from this book?
– People who are depressed and want a fresh perspective on life.
– People who are down or discouraged and would benefit from some building and encouragement. That is, they may not have a poor self-image but are not thriving either.
– People who want to be more confident in themselves.
– People who want to be more confident in their relationships.
– People who want to develop a richer relationship with God – by understanding and appreciating the value He places on them.
– People who already have a good relationship with God and want it to become even richer.
– People who want to share the love of God with others. Seeing them as being of absolute value can change the experience from ‘you are a sinner’ or ‘you must receive Jesus’ to ‘you are of infinite value to God. Therefore I value you as God values you’. A positive outlook and healthy input into people’s lives.

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How much is one person worth?

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