Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Relationships are exceptionally important in life. Our own self-image can have a significant impact on our relationships – the one with our spouse and also the many relationships we have at work, in our sports clubs and other organisations. In addition, our relationships can influence our self-image. So, if we have a poor self-image this can lead to poor relationships. Also poor relationships can lead to a poor self-image creating a vicious cycle. On the flip side, if we have a good, healthy self-image this can lead to good relationships and good relationships can lead to a good self-image creating a virtuous cycle. 

In addition, good relationships and a healthy self-image can contribute significantly to confidence in setting and accomplishing goals. Therefore these two topics are particularly important in life.

In his teens and twenties Brian was on the wrong side of the 8-ball in terms of self-image and relationships. He has now come through this to having a healthy self-image and a marriage that many admire. Yes, his wife of 37 years plus has had a superb part to play in this.

Brian has now spent many years helping others develop their own self-image, overcome issues in their life, develop wholesome relationships and grow as people. And also to develop their relationship with God – which has a wonderful overflow into both developing a healthy self-image and good wholesome relationships with others.

These two books are the outcome of more than 50 years of personal development and growth. They are not written from study of others or from reading textbooks, They are written as a result of personal experience, from continuous learning and from a life that has grown from behind the 8-ball to well ahead of the 8-ball. As a result, both books are real and down-to-earth. They get to where ‘the rubber meets the road’. Both books are full of practical ideas that can be actioned today.

Justine Orme

Justine Orme

At the young age of 12, Justine was taken to Auckland University writers’ group by her aunt, where she was encouraged by much older poets and writers. With school and life happening, young enthusiasm and the ability to write lay dormant for many years, although it surfaced occasionally to write a few editorials for magazines. 

With a lifetime of knowing the Lord, her inner strength, and understanding of the things of God shows in her daily interactions with others.

As a revelatory, prophetic writer, who is passionate to see the Church in her rightful place in Christ, Jesus is the centre of all that Justine is. Her insight into the Spiritual Realm and her depth of wisdom of the things of God is an inspiration to many.

She and her husband, Stan, both have a unique sense of humour and live in Auckland, New Zealand, together with their two crazy cats. They have two beautiful adult daughters.

A whacky, funny, lady.

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