The Ten Day Challenge

For developing better relationships

Go For Gold

  • Can you do it at least once a day for ten days?
  • Can you ‘Go for Gold’ at least once a day for ten days?
This question is based on the chapter ‘Go For Gold’ in the wonderful book on relationships called:

The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of – Practical Steps to Extraordinary, Lasting Love.

The principle here is that when people mine gold they put aside tonnes of rock and ore to search for the nuggets of gold. Now everyone we interact with has some ore and some gold. We ourselves have some ore and some gold. Our relationships are better when we focus on the gold in people, on their good attitudes, on their good and kind actions. 

Sometimes it is easier to see the negative. Perhaps someone tends to be a tad lazy. Perhaps they grizzle and complain about minor things. Perhaps they find the negative in other people and feel free to talk about it. There are many reasons why it is sometimes easier to see the rock and ore rather than the gold in people.

So the ten day challenge is simply to …

Focus on the good, on the gold, in at least one person each day for ten days.

Make a positive comment to them about the good person they are or something good they have done. This is the good or gold you see in them.

Do this every day for ten days.

Since it takes five to nine ‘pats on the back’ to compensate for every ‘kick in the bum’ (and sometimes more) put a coin in a jar for every time you ‘Go For Gold’ and take out 5 coins every time you make a negative comment. If you find your jar is empty then start with 50 coins and see how many you have at the end of The Ten Day Challenge. 

Then spot me an email and tell me about your experience. Request a copy of a chapter that didn’t make it into the book The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of and I’ll send you a copy of sample chapter ‘Go For Gold’. Of course feel free to tell your story to your friends on Facebook. They may wish to rise to the Challenge as well.

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