The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of

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Have you ever wondered how much better your relationship could be? 

Or how your love life can thrive?

Or what principles and actions would enhance your relationship?

Some people opt for divorce over developing and enriching their relationship.


Love is grand – and divorce is hundred grand.

So, there are financial benefits to developing your relationship – in addition to the wonderful emotional benefits.

No matter how good a relationship is there is always room for improvement. The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of is a book that is full of ideas to enhance our relationships. The principles noted in the book apply to marriages & families, to relationships at work and to social relationships. There are ideas for everyone in this idea-rich book.

Because there are few words (many chapters are just a few pages) and many pictures it has been said that this book is ideal for men. How many books on relationships can have that said about them?

Since it is a resource that can be referred to for many years, quite possibly it will be one of the most beneficial and cost-effective resources on relationships you will ever have.

The ideas in this book have been described as proverbs of relationships. Indeed they are, but more than that, they are seeds that can germinate producing growth and improve your relationship. So, how much room is there for development of your relationships?

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The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of

“I find myself in agreement with every principle. I wish I had the book 57 years ago. You have acquired great wisdom Brian and it [the book – The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of] should be widely shared.”

Book Review
“This is a New Zealand home-grown marriage advice and practical support publication from a first-time Kiwi author. Style is very down-to-earth and plenty of opportunities for practical applications, and the reflection/application questions are engaging and worthwhile. Strong Christian heart, mind, and soul has developed this marriage resource, featuring plenty of inspirational quotations from the Bible and thought leaders from around the globe. As a workbook, this is perhaps better suited towards individual/couple reflection and application together, rather than a small group study, as many of the questions have a strong emotional and spiritual depth to their content. However, it is also suitable for small group study. It doesn’t come across as preachy or as counsellor’s advice, literally written by “an ordinary bloke with a regular job”. I found it to be truly “an A to Z of family relationships from a Christian perspective”. Very practical for marriage and relationships, loaded with life-skills for developing emotional intelligence and seeking wisdom through God’s Word.”
Justin St. Vincent, Editor of “Love Live Forgive: Insights from Artists”:

Brian, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the book. I think it has come up really well, looks professional and graphics/images are first class. You can be really proud of it and I am sure that it will inspire many to build better marriages.
Thanks again.

Thought provoking and practical. Down to earth. I like the different topics, how each chapter addresses a new idea. So it isn’t all the information and ideas at once. It is very scripturally insightful and easy to read. The question and answer style was also thought provoking. A great book!

A practical book with lots of solid ideas.
Warwick Frederikson

I have found ‘The Marriage You Never Dreamed of’ full of good practical wisdom that a couple can use to enrich their relationship. While the advice and insights would benefit all, the book is written from a Christian perspective so may not be for those that are not open to Christian and Biblical views.
I like the format with each letter introducing a new topic and the short chapters making it quick to get the essence of the topic. The A to Z chapters mean you can read a chapter and have some good quality time discussing and exploring the content presented with your spouse. I also think the questions at the end of each chapter are a good aid to collecting your thoughts and assisting in sharing with your spouse.

If you can do a chapter every two weeks you get a year of good input into your marriage relationship. That is a great investment.
Rodney Dove

A great guide to family and external relationships, based on Christian principles but applicable to anyone really.
Ian Wishart

Love this book! It’s full of inspiring, real-life-pondering quotes and great ideas which definitely help develop fuller, more fulfilling relationships. I took one idea a week and focused on trying it out for a week. The practice overflowed beyond a week and improved relationships outside my marriage too – work, family, friends. One of my favourites is the second chapter, Build People, which is all about encouragement and how that brings out the best in others. Building and encouraging others is like a positive cycle, the more you do it, the more it develops, the better they feel, the better you feel which leads into encouraging and building them more, which often leads to them beginning to build up and encourage you too.

Useful study:
This is an attractively presented book which offers clear guidelines for relationship with self, loved ones and God. Drawn from the Bible, respected current and historical thinkers and the author’s own experience, reading this book feels like a warm conversation with a gentle man whose experience of love relationship with God and wife is openly shared. The words of this book have repeatedly brought a sense of quiet to my spirit. I recommend it as a study. Donald McMenamin PhD

Brian Taylor has produced, not only a book the content of which is insightful and helpful to enrich any married relationship, but this book is beautifully presented and could be used as a coffee table conversation starter. I loved it and have passed on to others I know.
Tony Mitchell

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